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Make Your Own Products with 3D Printing | TIME

Turn yourself into an action figure or make your own earrings as 3D technology changes the future of how we buy and make our products.

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3D Printing Time Lapse Photography – Yoda

Time lapse photography of a 3D print on a Makerbot Replicator. This is my first print at .1mm layer height. There is a significant increase in detail compared to printing the same model at .2mm height. It takes longer, but in a print like this it is worth it. The layer ridges are still visible, but are much less evident.

.2mm is fine for general printing, including things such as brackets, toys, and iPhone docks. When you have a model with fine detail, give .1mm a try I think you will like it!

The 3D model can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:14104

If you are interested in 3D printing, please subscribe to this channel for a series of demonstrations and how-to videos. If you have a question, I will reply in the comments below. Thanks!
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Object Printed With 3D Printer Using 'Alien' Material For The First Time, Tech

Object Printed With 3D Printer Using 'Alien' Material For The First Time, Tech
Engineers revealed the first object ever printed on a 3D printer using “alien” material. The 3D printer was loaded with an asteroid that it used as “ink” to create the object. The object was revealed at CES in Las Vegas with the engineers noting that …
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