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Best slideshow and Photo story software 3D Montage Photoshow PS0019 YAAD PUNJABI.

3D videos——3D Montage.
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Slideshow: The Best Things to Come Out of a 3D Printer

Slideshow: The Best Things to Come Out of a 3D Printer
With the price of 3D printers coming down, more people will be able to bring them into their home and really start experimenting. The amount of things that we can create with 3D printers looks to be limitless. Even NASA recently said that it is …
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GPL 3D OpenGL Slideshow Software Linux – FlashySlideshows

Visit website to download , for more info + sourcecode: github.com If you like the photographs : ammarkov1.deviantart.com Flashy Slideshows is a GPL project that currently works only on GNU/Linux , and has a make script for debian/ubuntu distros Also it is under construction so it only works as a demo for now.. The goal of the project is a user-friendly hardware accelerated slideshow application , with zoom/pan effects , Ken Burns effects , smooth transitions , face/edge detection , fast performance , that will look something like PS3 Slideshow , while also beeing compatible with touch screen displays for an Iphonish result 🙂 Also the title “Flashy”-Slideshows has nothing to do with Adobe Flash , the project is written in C++ uses OpenGL , GLUT and WxWidgets as its framework.. Its just supposed flashy so I thought it is a fitting project name 🙂
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