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Alaris30 Rapid Prototyping 3d Printer on Japanese TV Commercial

For more informaiton: http://ow.ly/pHiUZ To read more about rapid prototyping using 3D printers: http://ow.ly/pHjwN Objet 3D Printer on a Japanese Commercial…
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Rapid Pro 2013 Holland 3D scanning scanner printer printing printed Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing

Photo report / fotoverslag Rapid Pro 2013 ( 26-02-2013 Veldhoven ). Experiments with 3D printers, new printing materials & extruders, ceramics, recycled plas…

Rapid Prototyping at it’s finest 3D 3-D Printer

Now you can print 3D color models so quickly and affordably, you’ll do it every day. Introducing the ZPrinter®450. The ZPrinter 450 makes color 3D printing accessible to everyone. The lowest priced color 3D printer available, it outputs brilliant color models with time-saving automation and an easy printing process. Z Corporation has introduced more innovations than any other provider of rapid prototyping solutions, including development of the fastest 3D printers, the world’s only color 3D printers, and high-definition 3D printing (HD3DP™) capabilities. Our 3D printers create physical models from computer-aided design (CAD) data by using an inkjet print-head to deposit a liquid binder that solidifies layers of powder. This cutting-edge technology supports a full line of 3D printers that deliver the speed, low operating costs, and high-quality models that product developers need to compete in today’s global market.
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