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Wolfbite NITRO Adhesive Removes Headache in Nylon 3D Printing, Excellent with

Wolfbite NITRO Adhesive Removes Headache in Nylon 3D Printing, Excellent with
Untitled It's more than a brave new world out there for makers—it's a darned exciting one. Along with the wide range of 3D printers we can choose from today, whether you are a novice or a pro, from the workshop to the business, many other options are …
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Nitro Circus The Movie – On Blu-ray & DVD Nov 13 [Official Trailer #2]

Nitro Circus The Movie 3D – 8/8/2012 (Official Trailer #2) SUBSCRIBE FOR BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEOS: www.youtube.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: twitter.com #NitroCircus3D LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.NitroCircus3D.com BUY NITRO GEAR shop.nitrocircus.com IN THEATERS AUGUST 8TH – In NITRO CIRCUS THE MOVIE 3D, Travis Pastrana and his tight-knit, highly-skilled, adrenaline-addicted friends bring their impossibly insane and hysterical adventures to the big screen for the first time! Dreaming up the most dangerous stunts in the world of action sports — whether they are back-flipping a bike between two 60-story buildings or going air-born to destroy their friends in a life size, high speed game of Freedom Flyers — Pastrana and his gang are always at it. High Risk. High Octane. And No Safety Nets Allowed. Using the innovation of 3D cinematography and the latest compact camera rigs, the filmmakers provide moviegoers with a groundbreaking experience in 3D cinema that puts the audience in the shotgun with the crew as they pilot motorcycles, rally cars, parachutes, mountain bikes, monster trucks and more.
Video Rating: 4 / 5