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Marco Perry – The history & future of 3d printing. DIWire Bender demo – Betascape Keynote

Marco Perry Keynote Summary: 3D Printing works very well to print volumes, but not forms made of lines in space. To address this need, Pensa created the DIWi…
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NBA Live 14 – NBA Live History 95-10

The History of NBA Live from 95 to 2010. Hopefully NBA Live 14 will be the best one yet in both gameplay and graphics. I Feel You by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a CC Attribution 3.0. incompetech.com Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at incompetech.com PasieComparisons Channel-www.youtube.com Twitter-twitter.com Facebook-www.facebook.com Google+-plus.google.com TGN-tgn.tv
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Video Game History – Id Software Documentary Quake

Video Game History - Id Software Documentary Quake

HISTORY OF DAIKATANA EPISODE: www.youtube.com Like me on Facebook www.facebook.com Transcript of video ID Software Documentary Quake Nightmare: In 1992 Ken Silverman after seeing wolfenstein 3d decides to make his own version of the game, which he calls “Walken”. Later he changes the games name to “kens labyrinth” and releases it over the internet using his brothers company name “advanced systems”. And in January of 1993 Ken’s father signs an agreement with Epic Megagames to release “ken’s labyrinth”. Ken is only 17 years old. Ken then decides to make a newer better 3d game engine which he calls the build engine. He has an early version of this engine which he has made in march of 1993 and although it is impressive it has it’s limitations. So ken decided to speak to John carmack of ID software for advice. After picking up some tips from carmack, Ken continues to work on his engine. Meanwhile Id software release Doom in December 1993 and later go onto release Doom 2 whilst John romero licenses out the Id tech of doom engine to other game companies. In 1995 apogee breaks into 3d games with Rise of the triad. Id software said after making doom, carmack would work on the new engine then they would make a comedy flight simulator game! Later of course this idea would be dropped. But when the idea for Quake came about it was originally intended to be a role playing game, which is not suprising if you consider the inspiration for the game came from a character called simply