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GIANT 3D Printers Make Ten Houses in Only a Day!

GIANT 3D Printers Make Ten Houses in Only a Day!

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When it comes to 3D printers, size isn’t an issue. A Chinese company called Winsun has used giant 3D printers to build ten houses in only a day! This technology is saving money, labor, and time, and has big implications for housing development. Are you ready to print your dream home of the future?

What do you think about 3D printing? Will it democratize manufacturing, or is it spelling the doom of the consumer market? Let us know in the comments below!

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3D Printing Giant Russian .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Round

3D Printing Giant Russian .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle Round

My name is Jerry and I was a Senior Software Developer at Microsoft for 15 years working on the Windows Operating System.
I 3D print a giant replica Russian .50 caliber rifle round in 2 parts & paint it to look photo realistic. Please visit our sponsor Squarespace @ http://squarespace.com/barnacules and get a no obligation free trial with no credit card needed & use code ‘barnacules’ at checkout to get 10% off your first purchase!

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Q) What printer is that?
A) It’s a SeeMeCNC RoStock MAX v2 (Custom) with a taller than normal height custom made for me. Hit up their website for pricing and availability @ http://seemecnc.com

Q) What material did you use?
A) 1.7mm Blue PLA (not high temp, just 200c melting point)

Q) Why did you 3D print a giant bullet?
A) Because it’s cool and not many people had printed it before me so I thought it would be great to get the designer some notice.

Q) Why did you use so much infill on the bullet?
A) The truth is i could have left it hollow and it would have been fine. I was just experimenting around with my first real print on this new printer. Next time I will just do a thicker shell if I print something like this with no infill.

Q) I liked you better before you were sponsored.
A) Why? I make content more frequently, I feed my family, I have a future and all that just costs you 30 seconds watching a little insert on a product or service that I believe in and use myself. The only reason I can see someone complaining is that they run AdBlock and don’t like ads they can’t simply skip. In that case you’re still welcome to watch my content but don’t bitch about me surviving when you have no intention on supporting content creators that entertain you.

Q) Why is the bullet silver and not dark gray like lead or copper for a jacketed round?
A) Because this particular round is designed to kill werewolves so the projectile is pure silver.

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Printing a Giant Wrench with a 3D Printer

As seen on the Objet Blog: ow.ly 3D printers can be used to create virtually any object directly from a computer aided design. This video shows how an Objet Connex 3D printer can produce 6 different size adjustable wrenches from 5cm in size to 50 cm in size – all in one print run. All the wrenches contain fully-movable parts and were created with no assembly. The wrenches are made of Objet’s ABS-like material which has the strenght and toughness of ABS-grade engineering plastics. Visit the Objet Blog: ow.ly Objet Website: ow.ly
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