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3D Printing iPhone Amplified Speaker – How does it work?

3D Printing iPhone Amplified Speaker - How does it work?

In this episode we 3D print a fully passive amplified speaker for my iPhone 6 that actually amplifies sound significantly and just looks cool. Get 10% off Squarespace using link & code http://squarespace.com/barnacules use ‘barnacules’ to get 10% off your first purchase!

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Q) You said MM in the filament used at the bottom of the time lapse, did you mean M because MM is very small.
A) Yes, it was supposed to just be M (meter) not MM (millimeter). If MM was true this thing would be very tiny 😀

Q) What music did you use in this video?
A) Look at the section at the bottom of this video description

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A Young Man – ALBIS (YouTube Audio Library)
Fight or Fight – Ethan Meixsell (YouTube Audio Library)
VF II – Audio Sprite (https://soundcloud.com/audiosprite87)

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