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My Top 5 3D Printer Tips After Getting Your First #3DPrinter

I saw a lot of people get their very first 3d printer this Christmas. I remember getting mine two years ago, and I could have used a list like this. If you just got a 3d printer, this is a good list. If you’ve been printing for a while, this is remedial, but has some good points you shouldn’t forget.

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3D Printers under $350 THAT DON’T SUCK – 2017

Want to get into 3D Printing but don’t have much money to spend? There are a lot of low cost 3D Printers now available but not many are very good!

In this video I share with you my choices for 3D Printers 0 USD or under that actually work pretty good, and would be a great start into 3D Printing.

These machines are either those that have been tested here on Maker’s Muse – or come highly recommended by others in the 3D Printing community.

IMPORTANT! This video is purely my opinion based on my experience – you are responsible for your own decisions!

This video has not been sponsored or affected in any way by any suppliers or manufacturers. The decision to include or exclude any machines from this video is my own. Links to the machines are listed below as well as the communities and reviews mentioned in the video – none have tracking or affiliates attached. Happy printing!

Cetus –

Maker’s Muse pre-production review –

That 3D Print Guy’s production review –

Trinus –

Trinus pre-production review –

MP Select Mini (V1) –

Chuck Helleybuck’s MP Select Mini V1 Review –

Tronxy X1 –

Press Reset’s Tronxy X1 review –

Balco (for Australians) –

Monoprice Maker Select V2 –

Hobbyking Fabrikator Mini 2 – Not available yet

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$5,000 3D Printer with MAGIC dissolving plastic!

3D printing still isn’t exactly mainstream, but if you can afford it, the Ultimaker 3 Extended is one badass piece of 3D printing machinery.

Crunchyroll link:

bequiet! Pure Base 600:
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Absolute Beginner’s Introduction to 3D printing At Home (Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 Printer)

In this video I provide a simple overview of 3D printing! I show how to easily download and print 3D models from the web, how to scan objects for free, and I talk about some limitations of my 3D printer. The printer I show is called the Da Vinci Jr 1.0. You’ll find the amazon link below. Enjoy!
Da Vinci Jr. 9 –
I also show the Microsoft Surface 3 tablet:
The website to download 3D models:
Here’s the link to the guitar wall mount:
Here’s the 123D Catch app I talked about in the video:

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!
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Building a 3d Printer From Cd Drives

In this video I build a simple 3d printer for under using a 3d printing pen, Cd-Rom drives, an Arduino, and stepper motor drivers.

This build was inspired by Tinkernut’s 3d printer.

The Main Parts I Used:

2 Wii Optical Drives : Got these from broken Wii consoles.

A Dell Computer Cd Drive : Got from old broken computer.

A 3D Printing Pen :

An Arduino Uno R3 Knock Off :

3 Stepper Motor Drivers :

Total =
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Ultimaker 2 – 3D printing timelapse of a beautiful Deer model

3D Printing of a Christmas Deer based on Thingiverse model:

An excellent model that prints really well. Only issue was with the left back leg that was hit by the nozzle at 1:15 Luckily this didn’t affect the rest of the printing and resulted in just a small defect. Everything else printed beautifully.

Material: PLA (Ultimaker), Infill: 20%, Bed temperature: 75°C, Nozzle temperature: 210°C, Print speed: 40mm/s

Stratasys F123 Professional 3D Printer Series

For more information on the Stratasys F123 Series please visit

To find out how much this 3D printer costs, receive a sample part, or to book a demo, please visit our website

Introducing the Ultimate Rapid Prototyping Machine.

The Stratasys F170, F270 and F370 (F123 Series) professional 3D printers were designed to remove the barriers designers and engineers face by making the rapid prototyping process more efficient and productive. You’ll see how the Stratasys F123 Series addresses typical rapid prototyping pain points and lets companies create better products faster, reducing the time to market.

Powered by GrabCAD software, this new series of 3D printers uses a variety of intelligent software and hardware features to deliver unmatched reliability and cost efficiency in rapid prototyping applications. Discover how you can enable your design teams to develop better products more efficiently than ever before.
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UPDATE – Biggest 3d Printer under $500! $409.99! Creality CR-10 1 week update!


Here is the 1 week update on the Creality CR10!

Thank you to Gearbest for sending this machine for review!


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Many fails where made last week and I was unable to progress before fixing them. I know that I said that I was going to attack the extruder this week. I’ll do it next week, promise!

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Did a 3D Printer Kill a Berkeley Couple by Emitting Carbon Monoxide? No.

No, it didn’t. I’m tired of the lazy copy-and-paste media coverage when it concerns new technology.

GoFundMe for Roger and Hanna:

“Couple found dead in Berkeley home killed by carbon monoxide leaking from 3-D printer” by NY Daily News:

“San Francisco couple and their two cats found dead after they were poisoned by carbon monoxide from 3D printer in their home

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook” by Daily Mail:

“Source: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Killed Berkeley Couple” by CBS SFBayArea:

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