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Make Your Own Products with 3D Printing | TIME

Turn yourself into an action figure or make your own earrings as 3D technology changes the future of how we buy and make our products.

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Stealth black: The Layer One Atom 2.0 delta 3D printer review!

Stealth black: The Layer One Atom 2.0 delta 3D printer review!

Delta 3D printers do look spectacular, but can they keep up with the tried-and-true designs open-source 3D printing started with?

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Watch the build livestream here

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Models shown:
Adalinda and Aria by Louise Driggers and
Chen-Gackstatter Thayer by Dizingof
Raspicam Timelapse jig

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Music is Jahzzar – Encedalus, licensed CC-BY-SA

New 3D Printer Unboxing and Setup

New 3D Printer Unboxing and Setup

Flashforge sponsored me for a new printer! yay! First time I’ve ever gotten anything for free as a Maker so I tried to show it off a bit without going overboard. I don’t want to be a sell-out but come on…free tools😍

Actual review of the Creator Pro here:

Note: “Fried Lǎoshī”(老师) is “Teacher Fried” and just good manners. I felt it was a bit presumptuous to use something else.

New 3D Printer – Build Log #10

New 3D Printer - Build Log #10

Welcome to build log number 10! Some adjustments to the HyperCube and finished prints to show.

5x8mm Rigid Shaft Coupler from Banggood:

HyperCube 3D Printer:

#3DBenchy – The jolly 3D printing torture-test:

Aria the Dragon:

Buy cheap 3D Printer kits and parts from Banggood here:

Actual Unboxing #4 – Geeetech Aluminum Prusa I3 3D Printer DIY Kit (pt.2)

Τον 3d εκτυπωτή του επεισοδίου μπορείτε να τον παραγγείλετε από εδώ:
Κι αν κάψετε κι εσείς stepper motor driver:
Τσεκάρετε επίσης για 48 ώρες crazy sale:

Στη σημερινή εκπομπή ο Mikeius έχει καλεσμένο τον Θανάση Νάσκαρη και ολοκληρώνουν την συναρμολόγηση του 3d εκτυπωτή και κάνουν την 1η τους εκτύπωση.
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