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5 Affordable 3D Printers Everybody Can Use : E1

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The Micro: The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer

FORM 1: An affordable, professional 3D printer

Tiko – The Unibody 3D Printer


The Buccaneer – The 3D Printer that Everyone can use!


My biggest 3D printer yet! Analyzing the CerbrisReborn design

The is my first delta 3D printer and also the first one i’ve completely designed from scratch! After about two years in the making, i’ll call it “done” (for now).
In this video, I’ll go through the design and have a look at what worked out and what didn’t.

Learn more about the DICE

Extruder used on the CerbrisReborn
Interested in files for the rest of the design? Let me know in the comments!

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World’s Smallest 3D Printing Pen

Video you may have missed –

Here’s a cool gadget that prints in 3D. Unlike other 3D printing pens on the market the Lix is similar in size to a standard pen.

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3D printing guides: Making things from Nylon!

Learn how to print Nylon!

Get Taulman’s filaments from E3D [UK]

Decide which guides i do next

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3D Printing iPhone Amplified Speaker – How does it work?

3D Printing iPhone Amplified Speaker - How does it work?

In this episode we 3D print a fully passive amplified speaker for my iPhone 6 that actually amplifies sound significantly and just looks cool. Get 10% off Squarespace using link & code use ‘barnacules’ to get 10% off your first purchase!

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Q) You said MM in the filament used at the bottom of the time lapse, did you mean M because MM is very small.
A) Yes, it was supposed to just be M (meter) not MM (millimeter). If MM was true this thing would be very tiny 😀

Q) What music did you use in this video?
A) Look at the section at the bottom of this video description

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