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Getting it Right by Getting it Wrong: RepRap and the Evolution of 3D Printing

Getting it Right by Getting it Wrong: RepRap and the Evolution of 3D Printing
The beginning of the DIY 3D printing movement was a heady time. There was a vision of a post-scarcity world in which everything could and would be made at home, for free. Printers printing other printers would ensure the exponential growth that would …
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CES 2016 – 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Virtual Reality, Holograms & More

3d printer that prints Color!, 3d Laser cutting, Virtual Reality, Drawing in a 3d VR world!, and TONS more!

Below is a list of AWESOME stuff I did at CES:
• Glowforge let me try their laser 3d printer which uses a laser cutter / engraver. I can’t wait to work with them more
• Shapify (Artic3d) scanned me and made a digital file of me! Then put me up on a screen at CES! So cool!
• Airwold3d printed a version of me at CES! + has a bunch of awesome classes to teach kids and adults about 3d printing. I might take one sometime soon!
• 3dSystems had some of the coolest 3d creations (full color 3d printing, 3d candy, and extreme detail) + they agreed to print a full color version of me (I’ll make a video when that happens!)
• Polaroid showed off their new multi-color 3d printer
• Holograms and new projection technology was amazing to watch! Shown by Kino-Mo
• 3d pens a few new ones came out with interesting tweaks! + low temp plastics. Stay tuned as I plan to find out more about these and report back!
• Dassault Systems let me draw in a 3d VR world! Which was AMAZING!! I hope to work with them to make some very cool 3d virtual art.

Lots of very cool 3d printer companies showed me how their tech works and told me about all the free open source programs I can use to design 3d models. Also I learned that there are so many types of filament to print with (30+) as well as new kinds of ink based and Resin printers. So cool! I can’t wait to learn more about 3d printing and try out these printers!

A few more 3d printing companies I hung out with and showed in this video: LulzBot, Bee Very Creative, Zeus, MWW, FormLabs, Hatchbox, Flux, Fab Pad, MakerBot + many others!

Thank you to everyone I met at CES for sharing your time and creative/cool products with me. I had a blast 🙂

About My Channel!
I’m a 3d printing pen expert. I love making creative 3d pen creations as well as reviewing the latest 3d printing products + I make videos on 3d pens / printing technology, hair dye, Chalk board cars, Spray Paint Art, How to/DIY, Reviews, and MORE!
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3Dprinted titanium offers new possibilities for bike builders

3Dprinted titanium offers new possibilities for bike builders
From there, once the order has been placed, Bastion's 3D printer will go to work. Using a laser, it will selectively melt aerospace titanium powder, building the lugs up in layers one one-thousandth of an inch thick. All of the lugs (and wheel dropouts …
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