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Q&A || New 3D printer? – What’s your real name? – Where do you buy your parts?

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1. What type videos do you enjoy making the most and which type of videos are most demanding to create? 0:55
2. When are we going to see you new 3D printer in action or review? 1:21
3. What are you studying? 2:00
4. Do you have any experience soldering wires to a XT60 connector? Is there a trick involved because my solder never sticks to them? 2:07
5. How does constant voltage VS constant current work? 2:27
6. Where do you get your silvered copper wire from? 3:15
7. Do you prefer LED lights for your house light? 3:26
8. Can you do a video about thyristors? 3:37
9. Have you heards about the ESP32? 3:46
10. Except for eBay, where do you buy most of the parts you need for your projects? 3:54
11. What’s the title of your bachelor thesis at university? 4:14
12. What are your favorite projects? 4:26
13. Have you ever blown up a circuit? 4:45
14. What wire strippers and soldering iron do you use? 4:56
15. Can you make the Q&A video in German? 5:05
16. Bro, what’s your real name? 5:09
17. Are you planning to make videos with German voice? 5:15
18. Can you make a post office box so that we can send you stuff? 5:21

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Kalashnikov Parts Now Produced Using 3DPrinter

Kalashnikov Parts Now Produced Using 3DPrinter
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