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Build Your Own Concrete 3D Printer with This Detailed Instructable

Build Your Own Concrete 3D Printer with This Detailed Instructable
InstructablesLogo Artist, architecture student and robot builder Clayton Muhleman teamed up with his fellow Instructable user Alan Cation to create a cool mobile 3D printer that can 3D print large-scale objects using sawdust. The project was just a …
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Custom Pokemon Pokeball printed on Ultimaker 3D printer – Painted, Sanded & Finished

Custom Pokemon Pokeball printed on Ultimaker 3D printer - Painted, Sanded & Finished

Why bother trying to catch a Pokemon when you can just 3D print one in no time flat? You can also add a little paint to personalize your ball and make it your own! Pikachu I print you!

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Please Like, Favorite and Subscribe! – I print a Pokémon Pokéball (Pokemon Pokeball) in this video on my Ultimaker 3D printer using PLA for the material. I printed it in 3 separate pieces to make painting and assembly a breeze. I used a few nuts/bolts to weigh down the inside of the ball so you can set it flat on a smooth surface and have it sit upright. The ball turned out better then I had expected.

I printed the ball at .2mm which is less then half of the capable resolution of the printer and it still turned out amazing. The print time was right around an hour total and then all I did was lightly sand the parts, prime them with a good plastic bonding primer and then I used Krylon Fusion paint to color the segments. The last step was to apply an acrylic clear coat to the item to harden the surface and protect the paint. it also makes the item super shiny and almost exactly match the cartoon counterpart.

The ball is held together with surface tension between the acrylic lacquer on each part. It actually stays together really well without any glue so its easy to open and put things inside of it.

I printed the item at %50 it’s original size because I wanted to start with a small item and see how it turned out. If you guys like it please comment below and I will print the full size ball which will require a lot more time on the printer.

3D model used to print (scaled down by %50)

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