Printing a vase with FUS3D Printer – My home made 3D Printer

FUS3D – a DIY – home made 3D printer.
Made from easily obtainable parts, cheap but fully functional, and doesn’t break the bank. Cost around 0

The entire printer was designed using Google Sketchup.

The mounts are custom made from plexiglass/acrylic plastic, milled by my CNC machine (my other DIY project – CarbonCNC).

Stepper motors, shafts, are from old printer/scanner, or you can buy those from ebay.

My controller is a Sanguinololu (Sanguino + Pololu Step Driver)… Giving credit to the person who built the first Open Source 3D Printer Controller for the RepRap Project. Zach Hoeken Smith, who started the first beefy arduino called Sanguino – the first open source 3D Printer Controller, the real owner of thingiverse, the real brainchild of Markerbot,

Read about RepRap project history to know more about how the first open source 3d Printer got started back in 2006.