Augmented Reality Minecraft App: Minecraft Reality

I saw something very interesting today at Minecon and downloaded it the moment I got home. The app is called “Minecraft Reality” and uses augmented reality to place your Minecraft builds into reality. I am really excited about this app as it has phenomenal possibilities. Go check out their website: This is just a quick video introducing the app. I will push it to its limits in the coming weeks. Please subscribe if you want to see more. More Info: Minecraft Reality lets you combine Minecraft worlds with the real world! Using advanced computer vision, Minecraft Reality maps and tracks the world around you using the camera, and allows you to place Minecraft worlds in reality, and even save them in a specific location for others to look at. You can also upload your own Minecraft worlds at and place these in reality. Minecraft Reality lets you – View Minecraft worlds tied to reality using advanced computer vision and augmented reality – Find Minecraft worlds that others have placed in locations nearby – Upload your own Minecraft worlds at – Share screenshots of Minecraft worlds in reality to Facebook and Twitter Powered by PointCloud SDK (http which lets you map and track 3D spaces using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping). Created by 13th Lab AB