Ingress Gameplay : Niantic Labs @ Google Augmented Reality Game

Thumbs Up (LIKE) is you enjoyed the gameplay 😀 Ingress Activation Codes: Top 10 mobiles of 2012: For those dropping their email addresses in comments, I wish I could invite you (recruit agents), but It says “0 invites remaining” -(It’s closed beta). And as I commented earlier, I have aleady submitted a few email IDs of mine, as soon as I receive the activation code, I will give it to you 🙂 #StillWaiting Download Ingress from Play Store: This is a closed beta project so submit your email address here: and wait for the activation code. Playing Ingress on my Samsung Galaxy S3. The game is available only for Android devices so you NEED to have an Android device + Ingress game + Activation code. W00t! Thanks to a dear friend for providing me the code. This is the first stage of the gameplay (Training phase). You can treat it as How to play Ingress at first. I played it for the first time while shooting.
Video Rating: 4 / 5