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Andres und Jans Party-Stories? – Gametime

Schreibe einfach “Donkey Kong hat eine dicke Banane” auf unsere Facebook-Page fb.com und nimm am Gewinnspiel teil! Jeden Sonntag gibt es auf apecrime.de eine volle Portion Games zusammen mit Andre, Cengiz und Jan, die zusammen das magische Trio von ApeCrime bilden! Das Ziel von ApeCrime ist es soviele Menschen wie möglich zum Lachen zu bringen und DU kannst dabei helfen!
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Rep Rap 3D Printing Blood Vessel Networks

Bioengineers have been steadily advancing toward the goal of building lab-grown organs out of a patient’s own cells, but a few major challenges remain. One of them is making vasculature, the blood vessel plumbing system that delivers nutrients and remove waste from the cells on the inside of a mass of tissue. Without these blood vessels, interior cells quickly suffocate and die. Scientists can already grow thin layers of cells, so one proposed solution to the vasculature problem is to “print” the cells layer by layer, leaving openings for blood vessels as necessary. But this method leaves seams, and when blood is pumped through the vessels, it pushes those seams apart. Bioengineers from the University of Pennsylvania have turned the problem inside out by using a 3D printer called a RepRap to make templates of blood vessel networks out of sugar. Once the networks are encased in a block of cells, the sugar can be dissolved, leaving a functional vascular network behind. “I got the first hint of this solution when I visited a Body Worlds exhibit, where you can see plastic casts of free-standing, whole organ vasculature,” says Bioengineering postdoc Jordan Miller. Miller, along with Christopher Chen, the Skirkanich Professor of Innovation in the Department of Bioengineering, other members of Chen’s lab, and colleagues from MIT, set out to show that this method of developing sugar vascular networks helps keep interior cells alive and functioning. After the researchers design

Revolution in Art & Design using 3D Printing | Objet for Neri Oxman

As seen on the Objet blog: blog.objet.com A special thanks to MIT Media Lab’s Neri Oxman, Peter Schmitt (3D printed clock) & Amit Zoran (3D printed flute) for kindly allowing footage of their 3D printed models to be used in the making of this film. (Some of these parts were created using a variety of 3D printing technologies including Objet.) In this insightful interview, Neri Oxman,architect, designer and professor of Media Arts and Sciences and Director of the Mediated Matter group at the MIT Media Lab, explains the differences between ‘additive’ and ‘subtractive’ manufacturing. Inspired by things that ‘grow’ in nature, Oxman uses the world’s most advanced 3D printing technology – the Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printer to produce some incredible models which will be on display at the Pompidou Center until August 6th 2012 at the ‘Multiversites Creatives’ exhibit. Neri also explains 3D printing within the wider paradigm shift in technology and manufacturing – comparing it to the Gutenberg 2D print revolution of the 1440’s. For more information about Objet: www.objet.com

Video Game Trailers – Deadpool The Game Gameplay Trailer SDCC 2012

Deadpool The Game Gameplay Trailer SDCC 2012 Deadpool is an upcoming video game based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name. The game is being developed by High Moon Studios and is due to be published by Activision in 2013. Nolan North will voice the character of Deadpool. Among the plethora of announcements made at Comic-Con this weekend, likely the most surprising one of them all was a Deadpool game in the works by Transformers: War for Cybertron developer High Moon Studios. The game is being published through Activision (as was expected) and is slated for release sometime in 2013. We’re not entirely sure as to the genre being explored in Deadpool (it screams action/platformer/shooter), but it definitely looks just as silly as we remember Deadpool to be — that being very, very much so. boob references in game. Nathan Drake Nolan North is doing the voice work for Deadpool ➚Like CommunityGame On Facebook! www.facebook.com ➚Visit our Community Games Website: www.CommunityGameHQ.com ➚For More Community Gameplays, Video Games, MMO, Rpg. Visit: www.youtube.com ➚Follow Us At: twitter.com ➚Check Out My Brother Channel: www.youtube.com Video is about: Deadpool The Game SDCC 2012 Trailer “Deadpool The Game” “deadpool the game” “Deadpool The Game story” beta dlc leaked leak leaks screenshots gameplay deadpool the game dead pool “Deadpool The Game leaked” “Deadpool The Game gameplay” Announcement intro opening ps3 ps4 xbox360 xbox720 video games videogame gaming
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Boosters On Blast :: Trophy System Infinite XP Glitch (BO2 Multiplayer)

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