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Sony PS4: What we know now

Sony PS4: What we know now
Although no one but Sony knows what the PS4′s console actually will look like or how much the PS4 will sell for, several fan concerns have been addressed. The PS4 will not require an Internet connection to play games, a worry among fans who have …
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GTA V – Motorbikes, parachutes, and tennis: screenshot analysis

Grand Theft Auto V is going to be HUGE, and Rockstar have kindly dropped another three screenshots. These feature GTA 5’s motorbikes, parachutes, and a game of tennis. Now all we need is some new gameplay! Tags: GTAV “GTAV Gameplay” “GTAV Release date” GTA “Grand Theft Auto V” “Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay” Rockstar Release Date analysis trailer screenshots Playstation PS3 Xbox Xbox360 Sony Microsoft PS4 PlayStation 720

لقائنا مع رئيس سوني اوربا #بلايستيشين4 و التعريب و هدية

رابط المقابلة الطويلة : www.dvlzgame.net مهم جداً ان تقرأ المقابلة لمعرفة كل التفاصيل عن الجهاز .. لكل شخص حاب يشارك بالقيف اوي اعمل ريتويت للمقالة : twitter.com او للفيديو…
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4 Things That Made PS4 Possible

4 Things That Made PS4 Possible
One thing that the PlayStation 4 announcement last week brought home for me was just how much the world has changed since the last time we were introduced to a new Sony console in 2005. Back then, the iPhone didn't exist, consoles and PC were still the …
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Skit Sundays – NightmareRH in Minecraft (Minecraft Machinima)

Thanks to nightmareRH for letting me using his voice in my video. Link to his channel. www.youtube.com Remember to post your comments for next week’s Minecraft skit. Top 2 rated comments will be considered for submission, if they are relevent to a skit. Remember to add “Skit” in the comment so I can know which are prompts for next week. Sorry for the rushed 3D animation, I didn’t have time to remember how to do basic editing since I haven’t touch 3d animation since my DBZ video; so sorry if the “dance” animation wasn’t the same as the original. Thanks to carrera77 and Jamessian for acting. gyazo.com Tags:yt:quality=high, setosorcerer skitsunday minecraft nightmare nightmarerh hippy rangers runescape rage skeletons pvp audio