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Chuku chuku railu vastundi – 3D Animation Telugu Rhymes for children with lyrics

Chuk chuk railu vastundi – 3D Animation Telugu Rhymes for children with lyrics

Piranha 3D Movie Clip (2012)

Check our Official Website: www.acinemanews.com Click to subscribe bit.ly Here you’ll find Movie Reviews, Movie Trailers, Celebrity Interviews, Movie and Entertainment News and much more! Piranha 3DD – Movie Backstage Video Clip 2 – In Vicktoria Lake, Arizona, a sudden earthquake submarine free a prehistoric species of fish that feed on human flesh, creating panic in the quiet resort town. The police officer Julie Foster, helped by a group of citizens, will save the population from the hgy Piranhas. The film wil be in our cinemas March 4, 2011, let’s watch an exclusive clip from the movie. Cast: Elisabeth Shue Adam Scott Richard Dreyfuss Ving Rhames Director: Alexandre Aja Genre: Horror Check out our network: – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com – www.youtube.com Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com New movie trailers every day! “Piranha 3D” “Piranha 3D Trailer” “Piranha 3D Movie” “Piranha 3D Movie Trailer” “Piranha 3D Movie Clip” “Piranha 3D Clip” “Piranha 3D 2012” “Piranha 3D HD” “Piranha 3D Movie HD” “Piranha 3D Film” “Elisabeth Shue” “Adam Scott” “Richard Dreyfuss” “Ving Rhames” “Alexandre Aja” Horror filmisnow machinima “coming soon”
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Angry Birds – Ninja Swine – 3D Animation

This is the sequel to my previous Angry Birds Animation called “Hungry, Hungry Piggies”. The Pigs are at it again and have become Ninjas in their latest quest to steal the Bird’s eggs once and for all. A special thanks to everyone who liked my previous Angry Birds Animation. This is a 3D project I did to further enhance my 3D skills. I chose Angry Birds as I’m heavily interested in gaming, and it seemed a good idea. Please enjoy and thanks for watching. This is purely a fan made movie and I own no rights to the Angry Birds name, designs etc. This animation is not a paid ad or anything.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Discovery Channel Covers DShape 3D Printing

The DShape is a huge 6 x 6 meter 3D printer that can create any shape in solid concrete. Daily Planet spent time in Pisa, Italy interviewing inventor Enrico Dini and covering his dream to 3D Print buildings. Featured is the creation of the Rygo, a sculptural design by Bathsheba Grossman (bathsheba.com) and is currently sitting in VanDusen Botanical Gardens in Vancouver, Canada. A special thanks to Dave, JF, Simon, Egan, Tracee, John, Patti and all the donors to our crowdfunding campaign for helping us make this happen.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Make your own Gun with a 3D Printer

Advancing technology is not bad or evil, but people must be prepared to use it responsibly and be aware of the potential dangers new technology will pose. When people know how to use technology and can master it, it can drastically improve their lives. But if people lose control of it, it can be dangerous. Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson’s project to create a fully functional 3D printed gun recently showcased its development of a plastic, high-capacity magazine. Although there have been propositions to ban so-called high-capacity magazines, the design Defense Distributed posted on its website for such a 3D printable magazine has been downloaded more than 50000 times within the last week, according to Wilson. With 3D printing technology, these are items that Wilson said essentially cannot be banned.
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