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AzureDesign is a robust 3D software program that provides all of the tools necessary to design top quality mainsails, genoas and spinnakers (symmetric and asymmetric) in less time.

3DS Max Tutorial [Disk 01/30] [Video 09/15] – Basic Workflow Tutorial

Tutorials for 3DS Max, there are many tutorial video’s (30 Disks worth), all rights are reserved to CG Academy for these videos and i take no credit what so ever for these videos in any way shape or form, i strongly advise everyone to use them only for your own learning purposes and not to distribute them in any way. I have acquired training videos and am now sharing to those who desperately want to learn how to use 3DS Max, obviously these videos don’t contain the projects which are very helpful but are not 100% needed. CG Academy: www.cg-academy.net Disk 1: 01_User Interface INTRO 02_The Viewports 03_The Transform Gizmos 04_The Command Panel 05_The Toolbar 06_The Menus 07_Final Elements 08_Conclusion 09_Basic Workflow Tutorial 10_Modelling 11_Rigging & Animation 12_Particles 13_Lighting & Texturing 14_Completed Renders 15_Conclusion

Affordable Desktop 3D Printer

3dprintingsystems.com 3D printing is an innovative rapid prototyping technology where molten plastic is laid down (printed) layer by layer to produce a 3 dimensional object. This is known as “additive manufacturing” as material is added to form the model rather than being machined off as in normal (subtractive manufacturing) forms of production. Start printing right out of the box. 3DPrintingSystems.com
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