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Detective Yoshioka is investigating the drowning death of a young woman in a red dress. Lying face down in a muddy puddle, her stomach is found to be full of sea water. As the investigation progresses, clues begin to appear that point to him being the murderer – as his fingerprints are found on the body and some of his personal items are found at the murder scene. As more bodies turn up, killed in the same way, even he begins to wonder whether he may be the very murderer that he is pursuing.

The next front in the gun control debate — how to handle 3D printed guns

The next front in the gun control debate — how to handle 3D printed guns
3D printers and better design software may be disruptive but they're certainly not the first technologies to introduce both promise and peril. For example, before desktop publishing became commonplace, currency counterfeiting used to be a skilled …
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Public Libraries, 3D Printing, FabLabs and Hackerspaces

We want to see 3D printing, FabLabs and Hackerspaces become a regular feature–in addition to its other services–at every public library in the country. This is a description of our proposal to create a FabLab in the Fayetteville Free Library and gives a brief introduction to what 3D printing is and how revolutionary it will be for those who are unfamiliar with it. A FabLab is a fabrication laboratory (or a fabulous laboratory). A hackerspace is just a public library under a different name (although I’m not aware of any hackerspaces that are publicly funded, its time to change that!), it is a place where people gather to share their knowledge and help each other make whatever project they are currently working on. This video was made in support of Lauren Britton-Smedley’s proposal to create a pilot FabLab at the Fayetteville Free Library. This is Lauren’s final project for the “Innovation in Public Libraries” class taught by Meg Backus and Thomas Gokey. In this class we look at avant-garde art from the past 60 years (social sculpture, relational aesthetics, institutional critique, interventionist practice, hacker/maker/DIY culture) and use it as a way to rethink what the library of the 21st century could be. We remain committed to the essence of a public library as a genuine commons, as a university of the people, as a place where the knowledge of past generations is preserved for present and future research, in short: as a democracy machine. Our class asks how to
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Makerbot 3D Printing: Bre Pettis Interview | TechCrunch At CES 2013

Makerbot just launched its 4th generation 3D printer, the Makerbot Replicator 2 (a desktop 3D printer) and 2X (an experimental 3D printer). The printer is optimized for PLA, a corn-based, renewable bio-plastic. TechCrunch interviews Bre Pettis about the latest versions of Makerbots soon to be released. Watch more startup news and interviews from CES 2013: goo.gl Subscribe to TechCrunch TV: goo.gl TechCrunch, the leading technology media property dedicated to startups, reviews, and breaking tech news, brings you the latest from CES 2013. TechCrunch TV is streaming live from the show floor all week covering ‘must see’ gadgets and startup news. Tune in for exclusive interviews from top tech executives stopping by our outdoor studio.